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Hi.  I'm Scholar.



ScholarAssist is an accessibility assessment and management solution for schools, therapists, students and their parents.



Do you have a child on an IEP?  Are you a therapist or provider that needs to assist your students and patients through the use of technology?  ScholarAssist is a powerful new solution that measures an individual's ability to effectively use technology.

With a comprehensive accessibility assessment solution that covers all modes of digital interaction, ScholarAssist is more than a powerful cloud solution to help students use technology.  It is a new way of shaping educational effectiveness for educators and students.

Schedule a demo and let our team help you solve some of the hardest problems in education and technology accessibility. 

Let's make it easier.

Measuring educational engagement and effectiveness for each individual student and their specific needs is incredibly hard without the right tools.  

Let's build the future of education technology together and make technology adoption easier, more powerful and ultimately more effective for all students.

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